Shazeera A.Z
“My State of Mind”

It was World Mental Health Day 2020 and The Pixies” Where is My Mind” was playing in my head. I drew this self-portrait of a day in my normal life with Procreate.

The Portrait of Nelson Mandela (Rules)

An overview of the areas covered by the Nelson Mandela Rules, a set of standards related to the prison system through a portrait, digitally drawn with Procreate on IPAD PRO.

Custody Hearing and Torture Cases in Brazil

A hand-drawn visualisation to illustrate the co-relation between custody hearing and complaints received on torture incidents by authorities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who am I as an artist?

This is a hand-drawn data visualisation to illustrate the type of work I do as an artist, the topics I covered, and in what languages have my work been translated.